Junlei Industry Co., Ltd., together with its all subsidiaries, is a professional company in supply and trade, with worldwide activities for diversified resources provided to industrial consumers, specialized in raw material, steel and related general commodities.

Our customers and commercial counterparts are producers, professional trading companies and industrial consumers. Our mission is to be a reliable and competitive partner to our customers that we serve and to provide strong supports as they expand and develop. We are engaged in the sourcing and marketing of commodities on a global basis, purchasing from producers/trading companies and selling and delivering these commodities to our customers. We also provide our customers with logistics, marketing, purchasing and sales services.

We trade raw materials, steel and related general commodities in both China and oversea markets, including coal (coking coal, PCI, thermal coal, anthracite, etc.), coke (metallurgical and foundry), iron ore, ferroalloy, rail, different steel, roll, etc. We have succeeded in facilitating our well structured affiliations with a number of leading producers and customers all over the world. Our established network has helped us to demonstrate the maximum flexibility, quality and effectiveness to satisfy the needs of our customers.

In order to offer better service to our customers, we will keep capitalizing our professional capability and competitive advantages. Our solid business relationship with major leading producers has been upgraded to the level of strategic alliance and profits sharing. The changes of supplying relationship allow our customers to further benefit from receiving commodities at the best price vs. quality as well as time to delivery vs. quantity.

As a progressing company, the rapid growth of our business has proven our accurate win-win philosophy in pursuing the best interest and benefit for our customers. We also have realized the variation of market characteristics and demands so the format of cooperation is not limited and any offer meets mutual interests are welcome. We will continue to enhance our reputation as a responsible member in the commercial business industry.